Develop Your Managers

Mission: To Manage - The Programme

Our Business Development Manager Training

A structured programme aimed at developing the mindset and skillset of new or inexperienced people managers, and those who simply want to raise their game!

As a business owner, it’s for you if:

  • You’ve created managers but haven’t had time to develop them
  • Good people keep leaving and you don’t know why
  • Your team don’t work to the standard you expect
  • You’re losing sleep over daily, often trivial, people issues
  • You want to delegate but you don’t trust your manager
  • You worry how your business is run when you’re away

As a manager, it’s for you if:

  • You’re new to managing people, and want to get it right
  • You’re just starting to build a team, and want to get it right
  • You have some basic management skills and want to improve
  • You want to learn how to engage your team
  • You want to learn how to get the best out of every individual

Follow one clear path to master your people management skills – developing strong foundations in your team, engaging them in your plans and goals and delivering consistent and continuously improving operational excellence.

Our business development manager training offers a unique roadmap which is simple to follow, straightforward to implement, and effective for every manager who wants to become a respected leader

Take the right steps in the right order, with us by your side, to build your skills and your confidence and become the leader your team want to follow.



Adjust your people management mindset, recognise your values & the impact they’ll have on your team; then build a team who share your values and perform to your high standard.



Engage every member of your team through your focus on their growth and development and the regular, reliable rhythm of your communication with them



Deliver ever-increasing value to your business through your drive to achieve operational excellence and build a culture of continuous improvement and development 

How does the Programme work?

As soon as you join the programme you’ll get

  • Access to our Mission: To Manage training platform for 12 months 
  • Unlimited access to the video-based training and development
  • Access to our frameworks, templates & additional support materials
  • Freedom to download all of the above for use with your team.
  • Monthly mentoring  sessions over Google Meet for your first 6 months
  • Monthly mentoring and accountability calls
    During these calls you’ll have the opportunity to share your wins and any lessons that you’ve learned about yourself or your team. And we’ll answer your questions and work with you to unpick and find a solution to specific challenges you’re facing with any aspect of your role as a manager.

You’ll learn from our experience and also from the experiences and challenges that your peers are facing – a brilliant way to build both your knowledge and your confidence and to develop your business.

For the remaining 6 months, you’ll have the opportunity to continue with the calls by adding the ‘Calls Add-On’ packages which are available in parcels of 3.

Order Mission: To Manage – The Programme, including all business development manager training, resources and mentoring & accountability calls for 6 months

£1950+vat per person
This can be split across your initial 6 months @£325+vat

If you’d like more than 6 months’ coaching you can purchase additional packages of 3 monthly calls 
@£500 + vat

Mission: To Manage - The Book

Why is it that so many managers see the challenge of managing people as Mission Impossible? Is it because people are impossible? Is it because they’re all inherently lazy, or stupid, or out to undermine you?

No. People are full of potential and passion – they want to be engaged in what they’re doing, and valued for doing it well. So how can you tap into this passion and potential to become the leader your team want to follow.

The answer lies in the 7 Essentials that every manager must master to engage their people and build them into a high performing team.

Mission: To Manage challenges the reader to examine their mindset around managing people and to master the skills and strategies essential to success in their new role.

While sharing the theory, Mission: To Manage is all about implementation and action, focused on sharing tips, strategies, worksheets and quick wins that can be put into practice immediately; giving the manager both the strategies and the confidence to become the leader their team want to follow.

“As business owners we all, at some point crave the Holy Grail – time freedom – to do the stuff that makes us happy. Not enough of us realise that the key to our happiness is having a happy team. A team led by an empowered and empathic managing leader. Mission: To Manage gives a blueprint for anyone wanting to become such a leader. An insightful read with practical tips and strategies for managers and business owners that can be implemented straightaway” –

Heena Thaker – Business mentor, Intentional Wealth Creation