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Is your business scale-ready?

Business Efficiency Bundle

5 steps to a more consistent and efficient business

Do you want an easier life?
Do you want freedom from the day-to-day running of your business?
Do you want a High Performing Team to support you on your business journey?

​Through this Business Efficiency Bundle I’m going to share 5 Simple Systems to implement in your business – systems that will move you down the road to achieving all of these things… and more!

Module 1 – Planning
Why having a planning system is so important for creating rhythm, forward momentum and continuous improvement in your business.
Why it’s so important for your team to know the destination you are all heading towards and have a route map to follow to get you there.
How to plan, simply and effectively.

Module 2 – The true value of Values
How to get past ‘cliched’ values, to unearth what’s really important to you – the standards you want to live your life to
How to match the words to your day to day actions and those of the team
Why values are so important in your hiring system, and how to use them to hire the right people for you, first time

Module 3 – The one right way
How to achieve consistency in your operation
How to get your team to take ownership
Introducing a simple but effective tool, that will change your life…forever

Module 4 – How to unleash your team’s potential
Why it’s so important to develop your team
How to train
How to delegate
How to use meetings to challenge your team

Module 5 – How to give feedback
Why managers avoid giving feedback
The 4 types of feedback
Introducing the non-confrontational feedback model
How to give feedback that inspires and motivates

Systems only exist to make life easier! Whether that’s your life, your team’s or your customers’, there is no other reason for them. If a system doesn’t make life easier, it’s the wrong system!

Your investment: £197+vat

“Marianne’s experience, passion and hands on approach provide all the ingredients for a fantastic mentor
and that’s exactly what she is!”

Paul Barnes – MAP