Chaos to Consistency

Halve the time you spend working in your business in just 90 days

If you're the owner of a successful small business, motivated to have a consistent, stress-free operation, that runs like clockwork without you needing to be there - then our 90 day Chaos to Consistency programme is the answer to your prayers.

Every business owner would love to double their team’s productivity and halve the time they are needed in the day to day of their operation.

We all want a consistent operation where our team know exactly what they need to do, and do it to our high standard, every time.  But few business owners know where to start. 

And that’s where Chaos to Consistency comes in…

Through a library of bite-sized training videos, supported by twice-monthly mentoring and accountability calls, we work with you to build the essential systems that will double your team’s productivity and halve the time you spend working in the day to day of your business.

Over 90 days you’ll follow one clear, proven path with us by your side, supporting you, coaching you, and holding you to account – making sure that you implement and embed these essential systems into your business.

First we’ll work with you to make sure that you have Customer 1st Clarity, giving you all the know-how and the tools you need:

    • To assess your existing client base and weed out those clients who are sapping your resources
    • To analyse your customer journey step by tiny step and pull a plan together to remove the blocks and inefficiencies in order to simplify and streamline it.
    • To build a consistent experience for every client by developing one right way to complete every task long their journey through your business

Next we’ll help you build a team full of the right people  – people who share your values. 
We help you

    • Assess your existing team to understand who is a good fit, and who you’re settling for.
    • Understand everything you need to have in place in order to hire right first time, every time
    • Build a training system that helps every member of your team to fulfil their potential

Everything is easier when you have the right team in place.

And finally we’ll work together to deliver the Operational Excellence that will free you from the day to day of your business.  We’ll show you how to:

    • Give non-confrontational feedback that inspires and motivates improved performance, as part of a regular and consistent performance management system
    • Involve and engage your team through a rhythm of planning and communication that cements their emotional connection to your business
    • Build a cycle of continuous improvement that ensures all your hard work is maintained and refined regularly.

Why join Chaos to Consistency?

  1. We give you both the what and the ‘how to‘ – a blueprint for making you non-essential to your day to day operation and scaling your business effectively. 
  2. We share all the frameworks, templates and strategies that you need to build these essential systems in your business, and ensure that your team buy into them.
  3. We hold you to account for implementation, ensuring that you take action, and helping you overcome any challenges and remove any blocks in your way. 
  4. We encourage you to involve your key team, and bring them on the journey with you, to ensure their buy in. They’ll have access to the videos and come to the calls to ask their own questions and overcome their own challenges in building a consistent systemised operation and a high performing team.

How it works

  • An extensive library of training videos for each of the 9 steps along the roadmap, broken down into manageable chunks detailing what to do and how to do it 
  • Mentoring & Accountability calls twice-monthly, focused on overcoming any blocks or challenges you and your team face along the way
  • Involve key team members at no extra cost to maximise the impact and ensure buy-in
  • Access to a  fully-stocked toolkit of templates, worksheets, checklists and frameworks which can be put to use immediately in your business 
  • Optional 1:1 sessions available to overcome any individual blocks or challenges
  • Pre-start team survey to uncover what your team thinks is working and what isn’t
  • Work at your own pace, and as the rhythm of your business allows

Your Chaos to Consistency programme, including all training, resources and mentoring & accountability calls twice-monthly for 90 days

Involve key team members at no extra cost!

Pay in 3 monthly instalments of £999+vat

On completion of the 90 day programme, the twice-monthly mentoring calls can be purchased in further blocks of 90 days @£500+vat per month

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