Complete Right 1st Time Hiring System

With the right team around you everything is easier!

Join our Complete Right 1st Time Hiring System workshops to learn first how to assess your existing team effectively, and then, how to hire the right people for your team…first time, every time!

If you’re thinking of hiring this year and you’ve previously struggled to get the right people to fit your team, then you’ll want to join me for these workshops.
I’m going to give you all the input you need to get this right, and answer as many of your people questions as we can cram into the Q&A at the end of each workshop.

Workshop 1 - Assess & Attract

We start by looking at your existing team, and give you tools to assess who is right and who isn’t. 

We dig into the importance of a people plan – explaining what it is and how to pull one together

We then get into your 3 new tools for attracting the right people to your business:
  • Your decision diamond
  • Your purpose-driven job ad, and 
  • Your outcome-focused job description

Workshop 2 - Interview

Session 2 is all about the interview:

  • How you prepare for it, and follow-up after it
  • How you use your new cheatsheet to uncover their passions, values, and possible red flags
  • How to use your gut in the decision-making process
Hire right 1st time
Try out for your new team member

Workshop 3 - Try out

No one is truly part of your team until they have passed their probation, so this session is crucial to the success of your hiring. 

We’ll dig into:

  • The structure of an effective probation period
  • The importance of your training map and how to set it up
  • How to use your 30,60 and 90 day meetings
  • How to assess your new team member 
  • How to make sure you don’t settle for anyone who isn’t right.

Your People Questions Answered

Each week we’ll leave time for a Q&A to make sure that you get all your people questions answered. 

We want you to leave with everything you need to build that team full of the right people, and not settle for anything else.

Six hours of intensive training plus all the support, templates and frameworks you’ll need to make your hiring successful.

3x 2 hour workshops each focused on one of the 3 stages of The Complete Right 1st Time Hiring System: Attract, Interview and Try Out.

Further support including feedback on your adverts, job descriptions etc. for up to one month after the workshops.


£395+vat per person