Customer Experience
Simplify & Systemise

Are you easy to do business with?

What would your customers say?  And what about your team?

Let us work with you to simplify and systemise your customer’s experience and make life easier for them, for you, and for your team.

Through our bespoke customer journey mapping, we’ll uncover all of the inefficiencies, blocks and challenges in your operation, highlight the issues that need addressing, and leave you with a plan to make each and every step along the journey Simple, Logical & Repeatable.

How we build your Customer Experience system

First, we get your team's perspective

Your team are the ones at the coalface – closest to your customers, using your existing systems day to day – so we want the inside scoop on what they really think about your operation, and the experience your customers are getting.

  • What works and what doesn’t
  • What they love about your operation and what they’d love to change
  • What their most routine tasks are, and how straightforward they are
  • What gets in the way of them doing their best job
  • What would they improve first

    To get this information we ask you to send your team a Google survey, and give you a ‘form of words’ to send with it, to explain what it is and why they’re being asked for their honest opinions.

    The survey is totally confidential as it comes straight back to us, and the teams who have completed it have invariably been open, honest and insightful with their feedback.

Then we map your customer's experience

Armed with the insights from your team, we come to your business (it can also be done online) and spend a day with you and your key people to map your customer journey step by tiny step.  We really want to get into the detail of how you operate.

At each step we’ll look for ways to make it simpler, easier, more consistent, and we’ll agree with you the actions to be taken to remove any blocks, duplicated tasks, unnecessary tasks and over-complications.

Benefits of this activity

  • Clarifies ownership and accountability along the journey
  • Highlights inefficiencies, duplication of work and inconsistencies that are costing the business money.
  • No need to reinvent the wheel for each new project/site etc, leading to significant savings of time, money and effort, as the customer journey becomes your Blueprint for scale.
  • Having a fresh pair of eyes work through this with you ensures that nothing is missed that may have become ‘wallpaper’ to you and uncovers ways of working that were once logical, but no longer are – the ‘but we’ve always done it this way’ tasks.
  • Your key team, particularly if they are relatively new, get to see the whole picture of your customer’s journey, in detail, which aids their understanding of it, and helps them to buy in to it.

What our clients say...

This activity is also an excellent pre-cursor to our Done For You systems