Done For You

Let us build your systems for you

Would you like there to be one right way to do everything in your business?

Do you get frustrated that the same tasks are done differently (and inefficiently) by different team members?

Do you want your systems created, but don’t have the time? 

No problem!  We’ll build them for you.

Working directly with you and your trusted team members, we’ll capture their knowledge of each task and turn it into a Simple, Logical and Repeatable process, complete with an easy to follow How To guide or video.

If you want us to, we’ll then create a training system for you that captures how to do every task in your business, and ensures that the most efficient way of doing a task is recorded and taught to your new (and existing) team members; giving you one right way to train your team, person by person and role by role.

All we need from you is time with each team member and someone to sign off your new How To guides as they’re completed.

How 'Done For You' works

We work directly with your team (either face to face in your business or over Zoom) to:

  • Capture the most routine tasks in their role
  • Understand how each tasks works
  • Refine each task so that it’s Simple, Logical & Repeatable
  • Check that this way of doing the task meets your high standards
  • Agree that this will be your One Right Way to do the task
  • Capture this One Right Way in an easy-to-follow How To Guide/video

McDonald's aren't successful because they have systems - they're successful because every team member follows them.

We'll build your Training System too

Your How To guides are no use to your business unless your team follow them, unless your team are trained to use them, unless, like McDonald’s every member of your team follows the One Right Way to do every task.
To achieve that, you need an effective training system.
And we can build it for you!

Train your team

Taking the How To guides that either you’ve created yourselves, or we’ve created for you, we’ll do the following:

  • Set you up on Trainual the online training manual we recommend
  • Build your team roles into the platform
  • Assign How To guides to the relevant role/s
  • Assign each role to appropriate members of your team
  • Train your team to use their new training manual effectively
  • Develop an administrator for your new training system

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Our ‘Done for you’ service is for anybody who needs to get their business out of their brain, to train and scale their teams. If your training content is scattered all over the place, ad-hoc or you’re struggling to delegate responsibilities, this is for you!

A. We start by outlining everyone’s job roles along with their daily, weekly and monthly routine tasks. We create a training journey outline for each role so that we document everything that needs to learned.

We also ask you for your top 10 frustrations and get these fixed first.

A. Training everyone individually takes so much of your valuable time. Imagine if you only had to do it once, and it’s recorded online, in clear steps that can be viewed over and over again by each new hire. You’ll only ever have to train anyone one more time!

While every business is different, we recommend an initial blast of 4 days per month over 3 months to capture your routine tasks and set up your Training System. 

A. No, and yes. It depends! Trainual was designed with ease in mind. And we’re trained in how to maximise its effectiveness. We can work with you intensively, or set you up and get your team on the creation of your training. If everyone in your business is working at capacity, think of us as your Systems Specialist Virtual Assistants, here for you as long as you need us to be.

Creating training content is as easy as embedding a video, copy and pasting content you already have, or customising a template. You can edit your training content at any time, so you don’t need to worry about getting it perfect before hitting “Publish.” But, if you’re starting from scratch, documenting your business processes does take time. That said, we promise to make it as easy and painless as possible – that’s what we’re here for!

A. As involved as you need or want. If you’re busy running your business and need us to work with you or your team to document every process, we can. If you just want us to set you up with an outline and clear instructions on how to fill out the framework, we can do that too! We work in whichever way you need for as long as you need us.

A. We understand that different people learn in different ways. We find that the most effective way of documenting your processes involves videos for physical processes or screen recordings using Loom for online processes, both backed up with step-by-step photos or screenshots with descriptions. You can even follow this up with quizzes to measure your team’s engagement in the training for each process.

A. We are very well versed in working round both the team’s work patterns and the needs of the business – not invisible, but not intrusive either.

A. That is an excellent question and one we get asked A LOT!

We don’t need to know how you do everything in your business, we need to be able to help you document everything that gets done in your business in the most logical and clear way, asking questions, pointing out repetition and inefficiency where we can, and making sure that all the processes link up.

Imagine asking someone in your business who’s worked there for ten years to train a new hire. They will naturally use your business language and colloquialisms that wouldn’t make any sense to a new hire and the new person is often left with more questions than when they started.

Now imagine someone listening to how you do something in your business who has the ability to spot holes in your logic, any assumptions made on someone’s knowledge level and business-specific phrasing, who has the confidence to question at every point where there’s ambiguity and to see where that process sits in in your business, joining up the dots with communication… That’s us!

A. If you change your systems or a process in your business, you simply need to edit the related ‘How to guides’ in Trainual once to reflect this. Everyone can be notified and asked to learn the updated training. If you had a paper manual, it would take a lot of effort to update even one process – and where would the videos sit?!

A. Absolutely! We work with clients who have brick and mortar stores in the UK, some who have offices all over the world and others whose offering is all online and their team is remote and scattered across the globe. Our ‘Done for you’ work can be done in -person at your head-office, in your home office, or remotely via Zoom. We’re as adaptable as you need us to be and nothing phases us!

A. The training we create with businesses belongs to them so we cannot share their processes with your privacy reasons of course, but we have some example trainings we can share with you and there are so many templates we can load onto your account too!

A. We work quickly, and train the team members you trust to create content along with us. A day with Harriet, our Certified Trainual Consultant is £850+ VAT + expenses, and we recommend 4 days per month for three months to get your systems creation kick-started.  Alternatively, when part of the 12 Week Sprint, it costs £800 +VAT + expenses per day.  We set you pre-work to make sure she hits the ground running and wastes no time in getting started straight away.

We also offer half days (online only) for £425 + VAT.

A. You can book a free 30 minute Q&A session with our Trainual Certified Consultant, Harriet, where she’ll be able to give you a tour, show you some examples and have a conversation with you to see if this is what you’re looking for. Email her here to book your Zoom call:

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