Team Profiling

Get Your Team Pulling Together in the Right Direction

Use the Contribution Compass with your team to highlight where, when and how you work best with one another, and to your true potential.

Why Choose Contribution Compass?

Just imagine what it would be like if you and your team were fully engaged and in flow. If everything ran like a well-oiled machine, with everyone doing what they do best; doing work they love.


The Team Contribution Compass helps you, and every member of your team to understand

  • How to unlock your true potential;
  • How to get yourself in ‘flow’ and
  • How to achieve more with less effort, less stress; feeling more energised and fully engaged.

The more you understand your team’s natural energy and flow, the more your relationships with them will improve and so will their productivity.

The more you are all in flow, the more success and fun you will have as a team.


Your natural energy which makes up your unique Contribution Compass Profile, reflects how you perform in life’s critical moments; those moments when you stop thinking and operate from your natural energy – the moments when you are fully ‘in flow.’


How the Contribution Compass works

You’ll answer 24 thought-provoking questions that get you to think about how you operate and what makes you tick.

You’ll then receive a report and debrief with our team, where  we’ll help you to understand your natural energy and how to harness it.  We help you to unlock your area of maximum contribution and identify your most valuable role within the overall dynamic of your team.

The Team Contribution Compass debrief helps you identify and understand how you perform as part of a team and what you need to do to interact effectively with the other individuals in your team for maximum engagement, enjoyment and productivity.

Understanding yourself – knowing what makes you tick, what triggers you, what gives you greatest joy – is empowering, and it can be transformational both for your business and your personal life.

Profile token with report:

Profile token with 45 minute 1:1 debrief & report: £147+vat

Team report with 60minute debrief and presentation for the leadership team and business owner (purchase your team’s tokens first, and then this report to tie them all together):

Please contact us to arrange for your profile tokens to be delivered to the team.