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One of the biggest lessons learned by many business owners during lockdown, was either that they had too many individuals who were indispensable, or that there were too many tasks that could only be done by one individual – often the business owner themselves.

What resulted was at worst, a breakdown in their operation, at best, a hiatus, while they waited for the person to return.

So what have they done since, and what can you do to maintain business as usual?

Well, what the wise owls have been doing since the pandemic began, is removing those single points of failure.

They’ve uncovered any tasks that can only be done by one person, they’ve agreed the one right way to do this task, making sure that it’s simple, logical and repeatable, and they have recorded it – ideally as a Loom video.

Some will have gone one step further and captured the How To videos for each task associated with each role in their business, in a training system, using an online platform such as Trainual, the tool we highly recommend.

By doing this, they’ve ensured and insured the consistency of their training, and also made their training quicker, more flexible and more accessible.

And that’s what I recommend that you do – take the time to capture first, the tasks that only one person can do, and then your most routine tasks.  The beauty of doing this by video, is that it will take you and your team as long to create the training, as it is to do the task.

BUT, it’s very important, that as each task is created, as each ‘one right way’ is agreed, that it is challenged for simplicity, logic and repeatability.  It can’t be Joyce’s way with all of the quirks incorporated by her over the last few years, or John’s way, which leaves out key steps – it must be ‘your right way’ agreed as the best way to do the task effectively.


Get your tasks captured in this way, set them up in Trainual, role by role, and  you’ll never again have to worry about someone being off sick, on holiday, or even leaving.  How good would that be!


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Marianne Page

Marianne is the author of three books, and is currently working on her fourth, whilst regularly writing her blog, we hope you enjoy it :-)


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